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This website is an initiative of the European Waldenström Macroglobulinemia network (, has been set up to encourage and enable contact between WM patients within their own country and in their own language.
On the right you will find a link to the page for your country (click on the relevant flag).

For each European country one page is available, where you will find the following (with appropriate links):
  • either the name of an existing WM patient organization in that country, e.g. Belgium, France (organisations dealing with lymphomas in general are also mentioned)
  • or, where there is not yet a patient organisation established) a WM contact person whom we know in that country, e.g. Ireland, Greece
  • or requesting a volunteer contact person to facilitate WM patient contact in his/her country e.g. in Norway, Romania and other countries.

If there is no contact person named for WM in your country, please answer the questions on your country page.
If you want to start contact between WM patients in your country, we can put your email address on your country page. In this way WM patients from your country will be able to contact you, start a discussion and exchange experiences in their own language . This could be the start of a WM patient contact and support group in your country. To help the process, on request the webmaster can supply a login code to anyone wanting to use their country page to post information about patient contact meetings or other activities that could lead to the setting up of a patient support organisation.

The page content for the countries currently without a contact person has been obtained automatically via . If you find mistakes in the text, please help us by suggesting a better translation at the end of the questionnaire on your country page or by sending an email to:

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